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How are points assessed with traffic tickets for speeding?

Colorado law enforcement is vigilant about catching drivers who go beyond the speed limit and will issue traffic tickets. The penalties for speeding and various traffic tickets for moving violations makes it important to determine how to combat the allegations and seek a dismissal. These tickets are difficult enough to deal with as there will be a fine to pay, but a bigger problem could be the accumulation of points on a driver's license. Depending on the number of points accrued and other factors, there could be a driver's license suspension.

Drivers who are ticketed for speeding will have points placed on their license based on how far over the state speed limit they were going. If they were traveling one to four mph over the reasonable and prudent speed limit or were driving one to four mph beyond the maximum speed of 75 mph, there will be no points. For five to nine mph over the speed limit or that amount beyond 75 mph, there will be one point added to the license.

DUI testing issues could help defendants get charges dropped

When Colorado drivers are stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence, one of the main ways in which law enforcement and prosecutors will secure a conviction is through testing procedures to determine their blood-alcohol concentration. While it is never wise to get behind the wheel after drinking, a simple traffic stop, investigation and arrest does not automatically mean that the driver is guilty and should be convicted. One strategy to lodge an effective defense is to call the testing into question. Recently, the state has implemented new procedures to test drivers and issues with the protocol could warrant dropped charges.

There has been a rise in blood tests for DUI and it could be problematic for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Over the summer, CBI began offering free blood testing to law enforcement agencies due to cash shortages. This was designed to encourage tests when the agencies might not have given them. However, their decision led to a private lab that handled a significant number of tests to close and subsequently put more pressure on CBI. Drivers who are charged with DUI after a blood test should be aware of this because there is a limit to how long people can be made to wait to go to trial before the charges must be dropped.

Divorce: How much will maintenance be and how long will it last?

Colorado couples who are getting a divorce will have much to consider during the process. Of course, child custody, child support, asset division and more are integral. Spousal maintenance is also a key part of the case. In many situations, one spouse was the main breadwinner while the other either made less income or was a stay-at-home spouse. There can be a litany of situations that must be navigated as part of the divorce. Understanding the factors that will impact how much is paid in maintenance and how long it will last is a key aspect.

The financial resources of the spouse who will receive maintenance will be considered. This involves their income or possible income stemming from property - marital or separate - and other sources. Also important is that spouse's capability to support him or herself. The paying spouse's resources will also be gauged in the same way. The spouses will have had a certain lifestyle while they were married and that will be assessed so it can remain the same or similar after the divorce.

How do extraordinary circumstances affect DUI implied consent?

In Colorado, when law enforcement initiates a stop to investigate a potential driving under the influence case, there is implied consent that the driver must submit to a test to determine their blood-alcohol concentration. That means the driver is obligated to take the test when requested to do so.

A blood or breathalyzer test refusal will lead to separate charges. Understanding the law for submitting to these tests is important as part of a DUI defense. There are certain aspects that can be critical to the case and people are frequently unaware of them. One is if there were extraordinary circumstances.

Colorado man accused of DUI following fatal pedestrian crash

Being accused of drunk driving can be a very overwhelming experience. However, these allegations do not always stem from an officer pulling over a motorist he or she suspects is under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes motorists in Colorado and elsewhere are faced with these charges following a serious or fatal automobile collision. This circumstance can make the matter graver, as the penalties associated with these charges can be significantly more severe.

According to recent reports, a Colorado man was accused of vehicular homicide following a pedestrian accident in Aurora. Authorities stated that the suspected drunk driver ran off of the road crashing into trees and a park bench. This also resulted in the motorist striking and killing a pedestrian, which so happened to be the driver's brother.

How is child custody determined in Colorado?

The end of a marriage often means making major decisions. And when the divorcing spouses have children, this means making challenging decisions surrounding their children. Determining a custody arrangement that works for both parents is not always an easy task. The wishes of each parent might be different, the needs of the child might be unique and there could be factors involved that could significantly impact the best interests of the children.

How is child custody determined in Colorado? The state of Colorado refers to child custody as parental responsibilities, and this term refers to whom the child resides with, who gets to make major decisions and what visitation will be for the non-custodial parent. Colorado also uses the best interests of the child standard when determining parental responsibilities.

Guiding you through the divorce process

The decision to marry is often one that is well thought out and planned. The same is often true when couples in Colorado and elsewhere decide to divorce. Ending a marriage can be difficult. However, when one or both spouses believe it is best, moving forward with dissolution can be beneficial for them. Nonetheless, the process can get emotional and complex. Thus, it is often imperative to consider how best to move forward with the divorce and what options one might have to obtain an optimal divorce decree.

For the most part, those seeking a divorce want to make it as quick and painless as possible. In addition, divorcing spouses seek to keep the costs down. The attorneys at the Law office of Lori Crystal, LLC, understand that there is no one size fits all way to end a marriage. Thus, we take the time to explore the situation our clients are in, helping to create an individualized divorce plan for them.

Colorado Springs man arrested for domestic violence

Married or not, significant others in Colorado often disagree. While this is a common component in any relationship, what isn't common is for these disputes to turn violent. Domestic violence is a serious matter and is treated as such in the U.S. Thus, when an individual is accused of such a crime, it is vital that they explore their rights and determine what steps are necessary to initiate a defense against the allegations.

According to recent reports, authorities in Colorado Springs were called to investigate complaints of domestic violence. During their initial investigation, officers were able to establish probable cause for domestic violence and arrest the 58-year-old male suspect.

Devising a defense strategy for drug charges

Being accused of a drug crime is a serious matter, as these criminal allegations can carry harsh penalties. Additionally, just being accused of these crimes can impact one's personal and professional reputation. Thus, it is vital to explore defense options, regardless of one's criminal history. This could help reduce the drug charges or even help clear a person's name.

However, clearing one's name means devising a strong defense. Thus, it is important to explore what options one typically has when facing drug possession charges. To begin, one could challenge the legality of the evidence due to an unlawful search and seizure. The Fourth Amendment protects against unlawful searches and seizure; therefore, if the proper steps were not taken, then it may be possible to suppress evidence that was obtained during an illegal search.

Asserting a strong defense against drug charges

Criminal charges can be rather costly. This not only refers to the costs associated with asserting a defense against the charges, but also encompasses the damages the allegations can have on a person's life. Drug crimes can have a lasting effect on the accused's life, which makes it imperative that individuals in Colorado understand their defense options.

The accused may feel overwhelmed when facing drug charges; however, it is important to note that no matter the situation or what one's criminal background is, it is always a good idea to have a strong criminal defense. The attorneys at the Law Office of Lori Crystal, LLC, are available to help individuals in the Castle Rock formulate a defense.

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