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Protect Yourself from The Consequences of Drug Crimes

Criminal charges are expensive. More than just the cost of an attorney, there is the damage to your reputation. Drug crimes are some of the most frequently charged and the effects of a charge alone can be devastating, let alone a conviction. Because of this, if you have been charged with any drug crime in Douglas County, you need experienced legal help immediately.

Ask for An Attorney Immediately After an Arrest

It is always important to remember that police and prosecutors are not your friends after an arrest. If you have been arrested and charged with a drug crime, there is nothing you can say to the police to help your case beyond asking for an attorney and then remaining silent.

Our attorney at Law Office of Lori Crystal, LLC, understands the stress you are under when facing a drug charge. We have more than 30 years of experience handling cases involving drug crimes and other criminal defense matters.

We Know What to Look for In a Drug Case

Drug cases involving search and seizure issues, including drug-sniffing dogs, can be won. The sad truth is, despite decades of instruction by the courts of Colorado and the U.S. Supreme Court, police too frequently take shortcuts with their investigations and sometimes, make outright mistakes.

We won’t promise what we can’t deliver and we won’t sugarcoat your options. However, we believe we can bring you an effective defense because we know the courts and personalities of the judges and prosecutors in this county. Further, we will explain your potential options and strategies to obtain the best possible outcome.

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Drug charges carry severe penalties and can damage your future. Take action now to mitigate these consequences. Consultations are available with a lawyer now. Dial to schedule your appointment today.