When Is It Legal for Coloradans to Grow Marijuana?

With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, many residents may want to grow marijuana in their home. However, there are limits on their ability to do so. A violation of homegrown marijuana laws could lead to serious drug charges.

Residents of Colorado age 21 and above can grow up to six marijuana plants, although the number of marijuana plants that can be grown in their total household cannot exceed 12 plants. The marijuana must be grown for their own personal use. Marijuana grown at home cannot be sold to anyone else. If a resident of marijuana wishes to sell marijuana products, they must be licensed to do so. Some counties and municipalities may have stricter requirements when it comes to homegrown marijuana. Marijuana cannot be planted outside. It must be grown in an enclosed, locked area that cannot be accessed by minors.

As this shows, there are laws when it comes to growing marijuana at home. People cannot knowingly manufacture, sell, distribute or possess marijuana with the intent to manufacture it. The penalties associated with these crimes depend on how much marijuana is at issue. Offenses can range from a Level 1 drug misdemeanor to a Level 1 drug felony.

So, residents of Colorado who choose to grow marijuana in their home must make sure they are not doing so with the intention of selling or distributing it to others. In addition, there are limits on how many marijuana plants they can have on their premises and where these plants can be grown. It is also important to remember that while Colorado has legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, possessing marijuana is still illegal per federal law. Coloradans who are facing drug charges based on marijuana cultivation will want to take the steps necessary to develop a solid defense strategy, with the help of a legal professional.

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