When and How to Change Child Custody Arrangements Post-Divorce

When married couples part ways, arrangements, and decisions are made based on the circumstances at the time. However, circumstances can change. From changing needs of children to work schedules to alternative living arrangements, there are plenty of reasons Colorado parents may want to revisit a custody arrangement after their divorce. But when, and how, it is possible to do so?

If an existing family law order does not meet the children’s needs any longer, it is common for one or both parents to consider adjusting it. The change in circumstances that would cause an order to be reconsidered would need to be substantial and not temporary. Even if both parents agree the change is necessary, a court order will still require some clear proof that a changed order is in the children’s best interests.

It is important to have clarity on the reasons why a change is necessary before going into court. The children’s best interests should be at the center of any points made. This could include referencing their emotional, educational, medical or scheduling needs. It is also important to clearly articulate the desired outcome or solution. 

Effective custody orders tend to be highly customized to a family’s unique situation. So, discussing possible solutions and how best to make a case in court with a Colorado family lawyer is critical in order to prepare for such proceedings. Proper preparation can help people to develop and receive an individualized parenting plan that takes all pieces of the situation into account and puts the child’s needs first, even after a divorce has already taken place.

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