What Is the Most Challenging Part of The Divorce Process?

Ending a marriage is a challenging thing for most people to go through. While the process as a whole is often considered stressful, certain aspects of a divorce may be most difficult for people. Knowing these touchpoints and preparing for them emotionally, creating financial plans, and establishing support systems in advance can be very helpful for Colorado individuals considering a split.

Some of the most difficult aspects of divorce happen before actually filing the paperwork. Making the decision to end a marriage and communicating that decision can be an isolating and conflicting process. The person who makes the initial decision may deal with fear, shame, guilt, or anger. The person who is asked for divorce may also find it challenging to navigate the initial conversation and realization the marriage is ending.

The most difficult parts of a divorce often have less to do with actual steps in the process, but rather the emotions they illicit. Worry and stress, particularly about children and finances, can be a heavyweight to bear. Loneliness and fear of the unknown are also common to experience throughout the process. However, it’s important to remember that these feelings, while strong, are temporary.

When people are in the midst of any stressful life change or grieving process, an end to the difficulty may seem out of grasp. Psychological experts share that, over time, those who go through a divorce are able to reestablish new norms, create new traditions, and feel better overall. The right combination of support, including a trusted Colorado family lawyer, can be important in managing and coping with this often stressful process.

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