What to Know Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Many people understand the importance of legal representation when facing charges, but are not entirely sure of when they should bring a lawyer into the situation, or who is the best person to call. Issues such as finances and lack of information about options cause hesitation when deciding whether to bring in legal representation. Unfortunately, such hesitation can often hinder criminal defense for accused individuals in Colorado. Asking the right questions and getting important information upfront can help individuals make the right choice early on.

The first thing to ask when hiring a criminal lawyer is what kind of focus and experience the lawyer has in criminal law. A lawyer for whom criminal defense is a significant part of his or her practice is better positioned to support a case. It is important to not only get to know the practice that is providing the services but the lawyer who will handle the court proceedings.

Questions about cost should be raised early on, ideally during or even before the initial consultation. It’s important not only to consider the amount quoted but the policies around it; for example, openness to flexible payments and whether the lawyer uses a trust account. Transparency is important here, so ask specific questions about fees and options to be as prepared as possible.

Uncertainty about a lawyer or simply not knowing where to turn are two of the major reasons people may not get a lawyer right away. Asking for recommendations or researching lawyers with relevant experience can help people find leads on someone who might be a good fit for their case. Overall, bringing the right Colorado criminal defense lawyer into a situation early on can make a major difference in the ultimate outcome.

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