Law Office of Lori Crystal, LLC Oct. 11, 2018

When a spouse in Colorado commits an act of domestic violence against his or her partner, it can do more than just physically injure that person. It can make the victim fearful, it can stop the victim from doing what they want, and it can force a victim into doing something that they do not want to do. Therefore, it can help to recognize when domestic violence is taking place, so that victims of abuse can seek the help they need.

When a person commits an act of domestic abuse, they may tell their partner that he or she can never do anything right and may insult, demean or shame their partner. The abuser may be jealous and prevent their partner from spending time with loved ones. This could extend to the abuser exerting control over where their partner goes or what their partner does. An abuse may not let their partner have any control over how money is spent and may even refuse to let their partner buy what he or she needs. An abuser can commit acts that make their partner fearful and may even use a weapon to intimidate their partner.

If the couple has children, an abuser can tell their partner that he or she is a bad parent, or even threaten to hurt their child or take their child away from their partner. An abuser can also threaten to harm their partner’s pet. An abuser may keep their partner from going to work or school. An abuser can pressure their partner into doing sexual acts that they are uncomfortable or do not consent to. Finally, an abuser can pressure their partner into drinking alcohol or using drugs.

If a person believes they are the victim of domestic abuse, they may be afraid to take action. However, they should know that an attorney can assist them in pursuing a protective order. With a protective order in place, it may be possible for a victim of domestic violence and neglect to escape their abusive relationship in a safe manner. Doing so may not be easy, but with help, it can be done.