What Are the Most Common Causes of Divorce?

Ending a marriage can make people feel like they are very alone, especially if they are surrounded by seemingly happy couples. But, the truth is, divorce is something many people in Colorado go through, and there are some very common reasons a married couple can choose to call it quits. Here are a few of the more common reasons people choose to end their relationships for good.

A rocky foundation under a marriage can be a key factor in its eventual downfall. For example, if people feel like they are pressured to get married, are following financial incentives, or are trying to appease family members, they may not have much luck making it work long-term. By contrast, overly co-dependant couples run a risk of divorce as well. A lack of individual identity can result in one or both parties feeling suffocated over time.

Communication is at the root of many disagreements and, eventually, ended relationships. It can be difficult to communicate with a partner about how to reach certain goals if their goals are very different than one’s own; for example, if their vision of success is different than yours. Intimacy, finances, life’s ups and downs, and even just how to have fun together can all be difficult to navigate without good communication and a shared vision of success.

Navigating the process of a divorce is difficult even in the most amicable of situations. Issues with communication and personal differences can follow people into this process, which can cause challenges. Having a trusted Colorado family lawyer on hand can help navigate this sometimes challenging terrain and support an equitable agreement for issues like property division and child custody.

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