Law Office of Lori Crystal, LLC Feb. 14, 2019

Sometimes, being pulled over for a traffic infraction can make a person nervous. This may be especially true if the officer asks the motorist if they can search the vehicle. A person may not know whether they should consent to such a search. As one recent example shows, these incidents can lead to serious criminal charges.

A man was placed under arrest recently after police found what they claim to be dozens of pounds of illegal drugs in his vehicle following a traffic stop on Interstate 70. The incident began when the man was pulled over by a State Trooper for allegedly driving over the speed limit. The trooper claimed the man seemed nervous and began rambling. The trooper asked the man if he could perform a vehicle search. The man showed the trooper a bag that was located in the backseat of the vehicle.

The trooper asked the man if he could search the entire vehicle, but the man declined. However, the man did permit a drug-sniffing dog to examine the vehicle. The dog alerted the trooper to the presence of drugs outside the man’s car. The trooper then performed a vehicle search and located two bags that allegedly contained 47 pounds of cocaine and 20 pounds of methamphetamine. Due to the large amount of drugs allegedly discovered, the man is being held on a $50,000 cash-only bond, even though he did not have a prior criminal history.

This incident serves as an example of how a vehicle search following a traffic stop can lead to an arrest on drug charges. Depending on the amount and type of drugs discovered and whether a person has a previous criminal record, the penalties for drug crimes can be severe. A person convicted of drug charges could spend years in prison and face significant fines. These consequences can impact a person’s life for years to come. Therefore, those facing drug charges will want to ensure they take every step possible to develop a solid defense strategy that will lead to a favorable outcome.