Tips for Addressing Family Law Issues in The Digital Age

Having some sort of online presence is almost ubiquitous these days. Many married couples in Colorado share social media accounts, online bank accounts and pay bills online. Many married couples also stream videos and music online and make online purchases from a shared account. In addition, some couples share electronic devices, like tablets and computers. Computers and the Internet have made many aspects of our lives easier.

However, sometimes couples who share these online accounts and electronic devices find that their marriage has become untenable, and they are best off divorcing. While most people understand that family law issues need to be addressed, it is also important that the two parties separate their shared online accounts and electronic devices. The following are some tips for doing so, but these tips do not constitute legal advice, so those going through a divorce will want to seek professional guidance when it comes to handling shared online accounts and electronic devices.

First, when it comes to electronic devices, these assets will be divided during the property division process. The party that keeps the device will want to ensure they back up any important information and then factory reset the device. In addition, couples going through a divorce may want to shut down any shared social media accounts. Then, the parties can each open new social media accounts in their name only. However, it is important to be very careful what you say on these accounts during the divorce process, and parties will want to ensure privacy settings are being used.

Addressing shared online accounts and electronic devices in a divorce is very important in the digital age. It may take a while for couples to separate themselves from these devices and accounts, so they can move forward on a fresh foot following a divorce. Family law attorneys can help with the property division process and can advise their clients on how to handle online accounts.

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