Summer Blitz Increases Need for Colorado Drunk Driving Defense

Impaired driving is considered a major issue across the United States and beyond. Different states have implemented a variety of measures to enforce impaired driving laws, from enhanced punishments to increased law enforcement. In Colorado, one measure in place to prevent DUI incidents are seasonal “blitz” periods where police more actively enforce drinking and driving regulations. During these times of year, the need for drunk driving defense often increases along with arrests.

The current blitz has been dubbed “The Heat is On,” as it takes place on often warm weekends in June. As of June 5, 231 people had been arrested during this increased enforcement period. Last year during the same period, that number was 323. The blitz is timed to take place around Memorial Day weekend, which is considered a high-risk period for impaired driving.

In Colorado, the legal blood alcohol limit is 0.08 percent. Punishments can be steep for those arrested, even first-time offenders. Up to a year in jail can await those convicted of their first DUI, along with fines and a license suspension.

The summer blitz is conducted by the Colorado State Patrol along with over 80 law enforcement agencies around the state, making it a major and wide-ranging undertaking. It took place on Memorial Day weekend and will resume between June 12 to 22. Those who are arrested during this period may have defense options, depending on the circumstances surrounding their arrest. Of course, the best way to avoid a DUI charge is to not drive under the influence. Those who are arrested, however, should contact a Colorado lawyer to understand exactly what drunk driving defense options they may have.

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