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Law Office of Lori Crystal, LLC July 31, 2019

When playing sports, accumulating point is a good thing. In most games, the more points that a person has, the better the chances of winning. There is, however, one arena where having points is not necessarily a good thing, and that is on one’s driving record.

A person’s driving record is a history of their driving infractions. Driving infractions can include, but are not limited to, speeding, running red lights, failing to use proper signals, and others. When a person is charged with a driving infraction, it may appear on their record, along with corresponding points.

Driving points negatively affect a driver’s rights. For example, when a driver speeds and is ticketed for their wrongful conduct, points may be assigned to their driving record. When a driver reaches a certain threshold level of points, their driving privileges may be suspended and they will not be allowed to operate their vehicle. Depending on a driver’s class of license, their age, and other factors, their points’ threshold may be different.

Drivers who are ticketed for speeding and other driving infractions can quickly see their points build-up and their driving privileges threatened. It is possible to overcome driving infractions and speeding claims to protect drivers’ abilities to legally operate their motor vehicles. To learn more about their options, drivers facing suspensions and other driving-related penalties can reach out to their trusted criminal defense and traffic infraction attorneys. As with all posts on this blog, this article does not contain legal advice and should not be used as case-specific guidance.