Should a Party Ask for Spousal Support During Their Divorce?

Although divorce is an emotional event in the life of a Colorado resident, it is also a major legal undertaking and may require significant financial planning in order to successfully execute. That is because the splitting of two married people results in the need for the parties to set up their own homes, provide for their own needs, and manage their own assets. If a party to a divorce is not financially equipped to take on these and other responsibilities, it may be very hard for them to move forward after ending their marriage.

Spousal support is the payment of money from one divorcing party to their ex. It is generally the case that a party with a job will pay support to a party without a job, but every divorce and spousal support case will advance on its own facts. A reader may want to consult with their own divorce attorney to learn more about whether spousal support should be addressed in their legal proceedings.

If a person is financially unable to provide for their own needs after their divorce is completed then they may want to ask for spousal support. When a person has been dependent on the income of their ex and does not have the ability to immediately re-enter the workforce, they may have a claim to secure support for some time after their divorce litigation has ended.

Readers should be aware that not every divorce will conclude with an award or agreement for spousal support. Spousal support serves an important need in the lives of individuals whose marriages end and may be an important topic of negotiations during their divorce proceedings.

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