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Divorce can be difficult, even when exes seem to get along. From finances and property to children and more, divorce can bring up a lot of sensitive issues, touching some of the most precious parts of people’s lives. That’s why the process can be complex and acrimonious. It’s also why you need the representation of an experienced attorney when it’s time to pursue divorce or post-divorce matters.

Parker Divorce Lawyer Lori Crystal is the ally you can rely on for exceptional representation and compassionate guidance through the divorce process. With more than 30 years of legal experience, Attorney Lori Crystal has the skills, deep knowledge, and tireless dedication to help you effectively protect what matters most during and after divorce.

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High-Net-Worth Divorce

Any number of factors can complicate a divorce case. One of them is having substantial assets. In these high-net-worth divorce cases, there can be several issues to consider, including (but not limited to):

  • The nature, extent, and value of the marital property

  • The validity of any pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements that may exist

  • The tax implications of dividing the marital property

  • Any allegations of concealed marital assets (if or when those may be raised)

Parker Divorce Attorney Lori Crystal has vast experience representing clients in high-net-worth divorce cases. From identifying strategies to achieve her clients’ objectives to fiercely advocating for them in and out of court, Lori Crystal is effective at achieving favorable outcomes in even the most complex high-net-worth divorce cases.

Alimony / Spousal Support

Known as “spousal maintenance” in Colorado, alimony is not automatically awarded by the courts when exes can’t agree on whether spousal support should be paid. Typically, when spousal maintenance disputes end up in family court, the judge will consider factors like (but not exclusive to) the following to determine if alimony should be awarded and, if so, the amount and duration of the payments:

  • The length of the marriage

  • The lifestyle maintained during the marriage

  • Each spouse’s financial resources, income, and employability

  • Each spouse’s age, health, and contributions to the other’s advancement

  • Anything else the court considers important

Property Division

Asset division is just one aspect that will need to be considered when it’s time to divide up the marital property. If divorcing couples share any debt, this will also need to be divvied up between them.

The debts and assets subject to division will be anything acquired during the marriage, with some exceptions (like gifts and inheritances). The more extensive the marital assets are, the longer the process can take, as it can require inventories, appraisals, and possibly even the assistance of other experts.

Whether or not divorcing parties can agree on how to divide their marital assets and debts, an experienced attorney—like Parker Divorce Lawyer Lori Crystal can help—is important to protecting your rights and interests in the process.

Child Custody / Parenting Time

Custody disputes can be as heated as they are high stakes. While parents are always encouraged to try to work together and keep their children’s best interests in mind, sometimes, it can be difficult, if not impossible, for this to happen. That’s when the courts step in, and factors like (but not exclusive to) the following will be considered as judges determine the best ways to resolve custody disputes:

  • Each parent’s living situation and relationship with the child

  • Each parent’s willingness to cooperate with and support the child’s relationship with the other parent

  • The child’s wishes (when children are deemed mature enough to explain what they want in court)

Of course, parenting time is just one aspect of custody. The other is legal custody, which refers to each parent’s decision-making authority for a child. Parenting time and legal custody do not have to be divided in the same ways, and they can be subject to modifications in the future (under specific circumstances).

Grandparent’s Rights

Divorce doesn’t just affect a couple who is choosing to go separate ways. It can send shockwaves through families, especially when children and grandparents are involved.

In Colorado, grandparents do have limited rights, and they can exercise them to seek visitation with children. Parker Divorce Lawyer Lori Crystal is skilled at helping grandparents safeguard and assert their rights in and outside the courtroom.

Legal Separation

Divorce is not always the best or only option available for couples who want to take steps towards ending their marriage in Colorado. Legal separations can be a viable alternative for those who:

  • Are not sure about making the more final move of divorce: Legal separation can offer an interim step, letting couples separate financially and test the waters while they consider whether they want to move forward with a divorce.

  • Want to retain certain coverage: If a spouse needs to maintain health insurance (and/or other) coverage under his or her ex’s policy, legal separation can let that happen, whereas divorce would not.

  • Do not want to get divorced for religious reasons: In these cases, legal separation can create space for people to honor their religious beliefs while still putting some kind of end to a marriage.

Whether you are considering a legal separation or you’ve already gotten the process underway, you can turn to Parker Divorce Lawyer Lori Crystal for experienced advice, support, and representation. She has helped several clients successfully pursue legal separations, and she can help you figure out if this option is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Filling Divorce in Parker, CO

The more you know about divorce in Parker and Colorado, the better prepared you’ll be to take the right steps going forward. In light of that, here are common questions and helpful answers about divorce in Parker, CO. While this information can illuminate more about the process and what to expect, Parker Divorce Lawyer Lori Crystal is ready to provide more answers and insight related to your situation whenever you’re ready for it.

What Is the Residency Requirement for Divorce in Parker, CO?

90 days. You or your spouse have to have lived anywhere in Colorado, not strictly Parker, for a minimum of 90 days in order for a divorce petition to be accepted by the family court.

How Long Does Divorce in Parker, CO Take?

It depends on the case, the extent of the marital property, and whether custody is an issue. It also depends heavily on:

  • Whether the divorcing parties disagree about any of the terms of their divorce and, if so, what they disagree about

  • How willing the divorcing parties are to work with each other and/or compromise

  • The degree to which either party may be focused on “sticking it” to the other party

That being said, Colorado has a 90-day mandatory waiting period for divorce. The only things that can happen during those 90 days are the exchange of information (between the divorcing parties) and the initial status conference.

How Do I File for Divorce in Parker, CO?

You will need to file the proper paperwork with the District Court for Douglas County. This includes the court forms (divorce petition) and any necessary supporting documents. At that time, you also have to pay the filing fee, which is $230 (as of 2020), according to the Douglas County court website.

Once that happens, here’s what generally occurs next:

  • You will need to have your ex served with a copy of the divorce papers.

  • Your ex will have a chance to respond to the petition. That response can detail anything (s)he disputes in your filing.

  • If no points are being disputed, the divorce can be resolved. If even one issue is being disputed, the case will proceed to pre-trial proceedings.

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