New Year May Bring a Wave of New Divorces

Although December may be a month of making resolutions and planning for the future, for some Colorado residents January may be the month in which they bring about major life changes. That is because throughout the country January, has become known as “divorce month.” Americans often wait until after the holidays to end their marriages and begin the process of separating themselves from their partners.

For some, January is the right time to file for divorce so that they do not potentially ruin the holidays for their children and extended family members. They may choose to keep the peace through the end of the year in order to protect those that they love from the experience of divorce. Once the holidays are over and family life goes back to normal, those planning to divorce may choose to act and contact their divorce attorneys at the start of the year.

No matter when a Colorado resident decides to file for divorce, they should know that the process is serious, complicated and taxing. There is, however, no reason that an individual should have to go through the divorce process alone. Attorneys who work in the divorce and family law fields may support men and women who choose to end their marriages and seek divorce as a means of moving their lives forward.

As readers know, divorces happen during every month of the year. Though, January often sees a spike in divorces due to the desire of individuals to get through the holidays with their families intact. This informative post does not provide its readers with any legal advice or guidance and should not be relied on as such.

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