Law Office of Lori Crystal, LLC Sept. 4, 2018

You thought you finally got through it all. The divorce got finalized and the child custody arrangements were made. Just as you and the kids were settling into a new sense of normal, your ex announces a trip to take the kids on vacation.

Of course, it would be one thing if the vacation was exploring some of the interesting areas nearby. Or even in a neighboring state. But what happens when your ex wants to take the kids somewhere far away or even overseas?

Here’s what you’ll want to know about vacations and child custody.

Start with A Conversation

After the initial shock has worn off, it might help to take a moment and learn more about what the plan is for the vacation and what has been invested so far. When looking at this, you’ll also want to consider if the children know about the vacation and have had a chance to get excited about it. While that puts you in a difficult position if you think the trip is not a good idea, it is something you’ll want to think about.

This Wasn’t Part of The Plan

When you’re in a new situation, negotiating a divorce and child support agreements, it can be difficult to think of all the possibilities. While you may have been aware that your spouse loved to travel, you may not have considered that he or she would plan a trip like this.

Generally, when long-distance travel isn’t part of the child-custody plan, then it is assumed that it’s ok unless one of the parents steps in to make a change. If a change is in order, you’ll want to start the process of changing the custody order as soon as possible so that you can get back to terms that everyone is comfortable with.