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Law Office of Lori Crystal, LLC March 2, 2020

Stress can cause major issues with health, and few things bring more stress than ending a major relationship or marriage. Even in an amicable divorce, but especially in a contentious one, people will experience heightened stress levels on days leading up to meditations, financial planning meetings, custodial handoffs, and any other new and uncomfortable obligation. Here are some ways Colorado residents can manage their health during this stressful time.

Divorce can take a lot of time, energy, and mental resources. Those who had a busy career or many obligations before the split may find themselves unable to maintain their lives without help. Knowing how to ask for help, and being able to stay present in the moment so fears and stress do not sabotage other important aspects of life are important.

Some may find this easier to do than others. Those who are struggling may find a therapist or support group helpful. Non-health experts, such as financial and legal counsel, can also alleviate stress by managing the most difficult and confusing aspects of the divorce. Using resources to the fullest can the individual going through the situation to focus on healing and self-care.

Keeping a routine, being careful with social media, and spending quality time with children are all additional things that can help someone maintain their mental and emotional health during a divorce. One thing that can make a big difference in the difficulties faced during the end of a marriage is the quality and capability of the professionals working on the situation. Finding the right Colorado divorce lawyer is a key step to keeping stress and health under control during this process.