Law Office of Lori Crystal, LLC Nov. 18, 2019

Drug charges can come about in a variety of ways in Colorado. One common circumstance is when the drugs are found during a traffic stop. People who are confronted with allegations of drug possession, drug sales, drug trafficking and more might also be accused of hiding the substances in creative ways. Frequently, law enforcement will find the drugs and make an arrest. While drug crimes are serious, there are avenues that people can use to cobble together an effective defense to avoid the worst possible penalties.

A 28-year-old man is facing drug charges after his vehicle was stopped by law enforcement and heroin was found hidden in his dog’s jacket. The man was in a white Subaru and had illegal license plates. When he was stopped and officers spoke to him, he gave them a phony name. When they discovered who he was, he was arrested because he had warrants. During the investigation, they saw the dog. Because the man was arrested, the dog was brought to the Humane Society. An officer felt a container when holding the dog and discovered it had heroin. The man faces numerous charges related to this series of incidents.

Being accused of drug violations can result in serious penalties. While many view this as limited to those who are alleged drug dealers or distributors, simple possession of a scheduled drug can warrant harsh consequences. This is true even if the person had a small amount for their own use. If the discovery of the drugs occurred during a traffic stop and its aftermath, there are potential openings to claim the evidence was accrued in violation of police protocol. There might be an explanation for the drugs being present. Or the person could have addiction problems that make treatment an option. Having legal advice to assess the case can determine an effective strategy.

A man was stopped in a traffic investigation and his dog was later found to have heroin in its jacket. The circumstances of his case are unusual and the man must remember that he has rights. A law firm that has experience in defending clients arrested on drug charges should be contacted for help as soon as possible to craft a plan on how to proceed.