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Law Office of Lori Crystal, LLC Dec. 17, 2019

Since Colorado was one of the first states in the union to allow people to legally grow, possess and use marijuana, there can be mistakes with the minuscule details of the law. This might lead to arrests. It is important for people to understand the legal limits. In many cases, it is a simple misunderstanding, and there are strategies to have the charges reduced or even dismissed. Regardless of the situation, it is essential for those dealing with drug charges related to marijuana to have legal advice to seek a satisfactory resolution and avoid the worst possible consequences.

A 54-year-old man was arrested for growing too many marijuana plants in his home. Based on the current law for growing marijuana, people can have up to 12 plants in their home. This man, however, had 50 such plants. When officers arrived at his residence, he asserted that he had a license to grow that many. There is no such license in the state. The value of the plants was around $72,000.

He faces charges that include cultivating marijuana of more than six but fewer than 30 plants. Among the penalties for a conviction include being incarcerated for two years and fines of between $1,000 and $100,000. He had a previous incident with law enforcement over marijuana. In 2016, he had 33 plants. At that time, it was legal to have that amount. The law was changed to limit what a person can have in the household in 2018.

It can be confusing when the law changes regarding a drug like marijuana. This is especially true when it has been legalized to a certain degree. People might grow more than they are legally allowed, make errors related to how much they can possess and more. When there is an arrest, it is wise to have legal assistance from the start. A drug conviction can cause many challenges in a person’s life. Calling a law firm experienced in drug charges might be the key factor in the case.