It’s Important to Take Traffic Tickets Seriously in Colorado

It is not unusual for someone to be driving down the streets and highways of Castle Rock, and see a motorist pulled over to the side of the road by police. Whether it is for speeding, failing to yield, or some other traffic offense, many people in Colorado have gotten a traffic ticket at least once in their life.

Some people might not take traffic tickets very seriously. They may be issued a nominal fine and have a couple of points taken off their license. However, people should not underestimate the seriousness of accumulating multiple traffic offenses. For example, if a person has too many points taken off their driver’s license during a certain period of time, they could be prohibited from driving. If a person depends on driving as part of their job, this could put their job in jeopardy. In fact, it only takes four points lost on one’s driving record and a subsequent ticket for reckless driving resulting in eight more points lost for a person to lose their driver’s license.

Fortunately, there are criminal defense strategies available in such situations. For example, if a person is ticketed for speeding, he or she might challenge how fast the officer said they were driving. It may also be worth investigating the training the officer had and whether that officer lawfully followed the proper procedures when issuing the traffic ticket.

At the Law Office of Lori Crystal, LLC, we understand how important it is for our clients to clear their driving records. We believe it is important to minimize the negative consequences our clients may face if they have been issued a traffic ticket. Our website’s overview on traffic tickets may be a good starting point for Coloradans who want more information on this criminal defense issue.

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