Increase in Need for Drunk Driving Defense May Follow Crackdown

What do New Years, St. Patrick’s Day and Super Bowl weekend have in common? On these dates and several others throughout the year, Colorado police increase their presence on roads throughout the state. The initiative, known as Heat Is On, has led to hundreds of DUI arrests and an increase in the need for drunk driving defense during holidays and special events.

According to reports, 348 people were arrested due to Heat Is On activity in the days around New Years. The year prior, 334 were arrested during the same time period. The initiative extends to game days, holidays and select periods during summer break, when police say they double down on their patrolling in an effort to arrest those driving under the influence.

Statewide, an average of 48 DUI arrests are made each day. The police selected certain days, such as holidays, where they historically saw a spike in these arrests and chose to increase enforcement during those times. Enforcement periods are usually several days in length; for example, police will be patrolling from Friday through Monday for Super Bowl weekend. There is also a Spring events period recognized between April 3 and May 11.

The figures listed below do not include those arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. Depending on the circumstances and type of charge when one is arrested, there may be different legal options available to them. Those who are facing a DUI or similar charge as a result of increased enforcement should reach out to a Colorado lawyer to understand their drunk driving defense options.

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