How to Let a Spouse Know that A Divorce Is on The Horizon

When a marriage is no longer working for one or both partners, a conversation about ending the union can be on the horizon. But what is the best way to bring up the idea of divorce to one’s partner? Are there steps under Colorado family law that should be taken before starting these conversations? While each couple is different and there are many ways these conversations can go, there are a few best practices to keep in mind.

Although there may be a lot of anger or bitterness behind the reason for wanting a divorce, the conversation about ending the marriage should ideally take place in a non-emotionally charged atmosphere. If this conversation remains peaceful, it can set the groundwork for an easier divorce process. It is a good idea to practice what to say before initiating the conversation. Make sure the points made are calm, clear and free of blame.

Parents should also be careful to raise this issue when their children are not around. It’s a good idea to arrange for them to be with a friend or relative for a while if possible. People should also consider their own safety; if there is any risk of a partner being volatile, it is best to have the conversation in a quiet but public location like a park.

Once the conversation has happened, it is important to follow through with next steps. One way to make sure this is possible is by contacting a Colorado family lawyer before filing for divorce. This will ensure the process is ready to launch as soon as the discussion has happened. The other party should also proceed with finding legal representation, following the decision to split.

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