Fiery Car Crash Leads to Criminal Charges for Colorado Man

Most people in Colorado try to be safe drivers, but accidents still occur. Some accidents are minor, causing a bit of property damage, but no long-lasting effects. However, other accidents can lead to serious injuries and substantial damages. When such serious accidents occur, it could result in a driver being accused of a crime.

A fiery car crash on Interstate 25 has led to the arrest of a Colorado man. According to police, the man was speeding, lost control of his vehicle and struck a cement median. The force of the collision sent the man’s car flying into a street lamp and caused parts of the barrier to fly into the other side of the interstate.

The concrete chunks fell on several vehicles, injuring one motorist. The car of the man who caused the crash overturned several times and caught fire. He is accused of driving under the influence is now is facing reckless driving and vehicular assault charges.

The charges this man is facing are serious. Vehicular assault occurs when a person drives recklessly, causing another person to suffer serious physical injuries. It is a strict liability crime when the motorist was driving under the influence. Vehicular assault involving reckless driving is a class 5 felony, and vehicular assault involving drunk driving is a class 4 felony.

Felony criminal charges necessitate a strong criminal defense strategy. This is because a conviction on such charges could lead to years in prison and substantial fines, not to mention a criminal record that could affect a person’s living situation, job prospects and other rights. Therefore, those facing felony charges will want to make sure they understand their defense options, so they can make appropriate choices.

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