Law Office of Lori Crystal, LLC Nov. 15, 2018

Not all abusers leave physical marks on their victims. Emotional abuse carries no outward appearance, and even violent acts such as shoving do not always result in a tell-tale bruise or broken bone for all to see. Unfortunately, sometimes an abuser is so charismatic that people are surprised to find out about the acts of domestic violence they have inflicted on the victim. However, it is essential that victims of domestic violence and neglect in Colorado obtain the protective orders and other legal resources they need to leave their abusive relationship.

One way to look at abusers, according to one study, is to classify them as either family-only abusers who only committed violent acts against their spouse or as antisocial abusers who committed violent acts against those other than just their spouse. The study revealed that antisocial abusers were more likely to commit acts of psychological abuse or to commit severe or fatal acts of violence in comparison to family-only abusers.

The study also found that those who were abused were more apt to report an antisocial abuser to the authorities if the abuser was threatening to kill them. Victims of abuse believed such threats were legitimate, because they knew the abuser’s capacity for committing violent acts due to their past behavior. Victims of family-only abusers were not as apt to report the acts to the authorities. Nevertheless, there was an uptick in the risk for acute acts of violence when family-only abusers had violent attitudes.

No matter how the acts of violence came to be, what is important is that victims of domestic violence can obtain the protective orders they need to leave the relationship. When the court issues a protective order, the abuser must not contact the victim or even be within a certain distance of the victim. This could give the victim the time and space they need to safely pursue a divorce. Attorneys can help victims of domestic violence seek protective orders if necessary, as well as guide them through the divorce process if that is what they want.