Digging Into the Details of Colorado Child Support

Child support is often a necessary piece of the negotiations that individuals must work through when they choose to end their marriages in divorce. Unlike spousal support, which may be used by a recipient spouse for their own post-divorce needs, child support is money provided by parents for the benefit of their kids. In Colorado, both of a child’s parents are expected to contribute to their financial support after divorce.

Several factors will guide the decision on how much support should be awarded in a case involving children. First, the financial situations of the parents will be evaluated to determine how much each of them can contribute to the care and maintenance of their kids. Second, the financial situation of the child will also be looked at; some children may have more financial resources at their disposal than others and those sources of funding must be included in determinations about how they will be provided for.

Finally, a court will decide what standard of living the child enjoyed during their life in a two-parent household and what amount of support they will need from each of their parents to maintain that after the divorce is completed. It may not be possible for a child to enjoy the exact same lifestyle after their parents’ divorce as they did before it occurred, but courts seek to lessen the effect of divorce on kids by keeping their lives as similar as possible.

No legal advice is offered in this post, and readers with child support and divorce questions should take them to their trusted family law attorneys. Child support is a difficult, but important matter that parents must face during divorce.

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