Colorado Springs Man Arrested for Domestic Violence

Married or not, significant others in Colorado often disagree. While this is a common component in any relationship, what isn’t common is for these disputes to turn violent. Domestic violence is a serious matter and is treated as such in the U.S. Thus, when an individual is accused of such a crime, it is vital that they explore their rights and determine what steps are necessary to initiate a defense against the allegations.

According to recent reports, authorities in Colorado Springs were called to investigate complaints of domestic violence. During their initial investigation, officers were able to establish probable cause for domestic violence and arrest the 58-year-old male suspect.

Reports also purport that the suspect refused to leave the residence at the request of officers. Because of this, containment was set up on the residence. Following various announcements and a brief standoff, the suspect then exited the residence and was taken into custody without issue. The details concerning the domestic violence matter have not been reported at this time.

Asserting a defense against domestic violence charges can be an emotional and overwhelming process. Like any criminal allegation, it is difficult to face the potential penalties associated with the charges; however, with allegations of domestic abuse, this can significantly strain a relationship and could impact children, if there are any involved. Thus, it is imperative to fully understand the situation, the defense process and what is the best action to take. If you are facing domestic violence charges, you should contact an attorney to discuss your defensive strategy.

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