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"At a conference recently a speaker discussed how clients no longer evaluate an attorney via interactive websites. The speaker confidently claimed that clients can make their decisions from the comfort of their homes.

While this sounds great, and convenient, and efficient, it's flawed.

Real assessment of an attorney's compatibility and suitability for your case and temperament requires an in person, face to face, eye to eye sit down.

Communication is the key. That's what the entire process is about. The ability to communicate your position to the other side, your ability to communicate your perspective to the court, to the expert, and in writing.

At some point in the attorney client relationship, your attorney will tell you things you don't want to hear about your case. You need to feel comfortable sharing intimate details of your position as well as to feel like you are being listened to and your questions are being answered.

High quality attorneys are unlikely to be replaced by consumers any time soon. We need to think on our feet, and be in the moment with that particular case.

Your attorney needs to be in the moment – present – not virtually, but exclusively.

Exclusive attention is a scarce resource. It's expensive to provide, and it has few substitutes."