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Heroin can lead to federal drug charges; what about cough syrup?

While most people in Colorado know that it is illegal to possess dangerous street drugs, they may be surprised to find out that, under certain circumstances, it is illegal to possess seemingly innocuous drugs, like cough syrup. Federal law recognizes that some drugs are extremely detrimental to one's health and welfare. Thus, when it comes to drug charges, it is important to understand how federal law classifies various drugs based on the danger they pose.

Traffic stop in Colorado leads to drug charges against motorist

Sometimes, being pulled over for a traffic infraction can make a person nervous. This may be especially true if the officer asks the motorist if they can search the vehicle. A person may not know whether they should consent to such a search. As one recent example shows, these incidents can lead to serious criminal charges.

Those growing marijuana in their home can still face drug charges

Marijuana cultivation, subject to limitations, has been permitted in Colorado for several years now. This has been beneficial to many Coloradans, especially those who use the drug medicinally. However, residents can still face drug charges involving marijuana, particularly with regard to the amount of the drug they grow in their own home.

Facing drug charges can be intimidating, but help is available

While the use of marijuana is legal in Colorado, there are still many other drug crimes a Coloradan can be charged with. For example, the possession of substances such as cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine can result in serious drug charges, as can the trafficking of these drugs. Even possessing drug paraphernalia can lead to drug charges that could result in serious penalties.

When can Colorado residents be charged with drug manufacturing?

Recreational marijuana use may be legal in Colorado, but there is still a litany of drugs that are illegal to manufacture, sell and possess in the state. However, it is not unusual for people to possess otherwise legal items that could, potentially, be used to make illicit substances. Does this mean that, if caught, a person who possesses equipment that could potentially be used to make drugs can be charged with drug manufacturing?

There are restrictions on recreational marijuana in Colorado

The State of Colorado has been a pioneer in the nation when it comes to legalizing marijuana. However, while the use of marijuana for recreational purposes may be legal in Colorado, there are still restrictions on who can possess and use marijuana, as well as how it can be sold. It is important to understand what these limits are, so you do not unintentionally break the law.

Drug paraphernalia charges in Colorado and probable cause

There are numerous types of drug crimes in Colorado. For example, possessing illegal drugs or possessing drug paraphernalia could lead to criminal charges. However, there are still rules police and prosecutors must follow with regards to drug charges if they hope to obtain a conviction.

A thoughtful, aggressive approach to drug charges

When a person in Colorado is being placed under arrest, they may feel uncertain about what they should say or do. They especially do not want to make a bad situation worse. What they should know is that they have the right to remain silent. The police and prosecutors in a case have their own agenda, and it is important to keep in mind that their goal is a conviction if appropriate. So, it is oftentimes beneficial for a person being placed under arrest to say nothing to police except for asking for legal representation.

What are some possible defense strategies to drug charges?

Possession of small amounts of legally-acquired marijuana may not be a crime in Colorado, but those in possession of other illegal drugs will still be harshly penalized. Those convicted on drug charges -- even mere possession -- can expect to face time in jail, fines and other penalties that could affect them for the rest of their lives. Therefore, those accused of possessing illegal drugs will want to explore their potential defense strategies to obtain the best possible resolution to their case. While this post cannot serve as legal advice with regards to any particular person's case, it will go over some possible defenses to drug charges.

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