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Tips for drafting a solid prenup in Colorado

Couples who are engaged to be wed may be wrapped up in planning their big day. However, they may not have given much thought to what their married life will look like. After all, if spouses are not on the same page about things like finances, it could cause trouble down the road. Some married couples find that their disagreements on important life issues become too great, and they are best off divorcing.

Tips for addressing family law issues in the digital age

Having some sort of online presence is almost ubiquitous these days. Many married couples in Colorado share social media accounts, online bank accounts and pay bills online. Many married couples also stream videos and music online and make online purchases from a shared account. In addition, some couples share electronic devices, like tablets and computers. Computers and the Internet have made many aspects of our lives easier.

What family law issues should a parenting plan address?

When Colorado parents decide to end their relationship with one another, they may want to make sure their child weathers the process as well as possible. Part of this process includes the development of a parenting plan that will address child custody and visitation issues. Parents should keep several points in mind when developing a parenting plan that will serve their child's needs as well as their own.

Just because you have a prenup doesn't mean it's valid

Financial disputes can break up a marriage and can continue well into the divorce proceedings. This can make an already emotional time especially difficult. One way to avoid such an outcome is through executing a prenuptial agreement that addresses property division and spousal support. However, under certain circumstances, a prenup executed before the marriage in Colorado may be unenforceable in the event of a divorce.

How can paternity be established in Colorado?

Absent neglect or abuse, children in Colorado generally benefit from having a meaningful, supportive relationship with both of their parents, even if their parents are no longer in a relationship with one another. However, if unmarried parents have a child and later split up, paternity needs to be established before the father can pursue parenting time with the child or before the mother can seek child support. In Colorado, there are three ways paternity can be established.

How should couples prepare for executing a prenup?

Some Colorado couples who are engaged to be married may be thinking about more practical matters than simply what color flowers to have at their wedding or whether chicken or beef should be served at their reception. They may have taken steps towards thinking of their future, specifically about the fact that statistically there is a chance their marriage might end in divorce. Therefore, they may have decided to execute a premarital agreement -- also known as a prenuptial agreement.

Some Coloradans may prefer a legal separation to a divorce

There are certain reasons why a married couple in Colorado may wish to pursue a legal separation rather than a divorce. For example, they may have financial issues that make a legal separation preferable to a divorce. They may want to formally give themselves time apart before making the final decision whether to end their marriage. Or, they may have religious beliefs that make a legal separation preferable to a divorce. In the end, a legal separation can accomplish many things a divorce can. These things will be addressed per statute in a separation agreement.

Prenups can protect Colorado couples in the event of a divorce

When a couple is engaged to be married, their heads may be so up in the clouds that they may not think -- or want to think -- about the fact that their marriage might not last. However, divorce is a very real possibility for many couples in Colorado. Therefore, before saying "I do," couples may want to consider entering into a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is essentially a contract a couple enters into prior to marriage that addresses a number of family law issues in the event of divorce. Prenuptial agreements can touch on several topics, but there are limitations as well.

How are inheritances treated during the asset division process?

While it is never easy to lose a loved one, sometimes following a loved one's death a person is fortunate enough to receive a significant inheritance. However, what happens if a person in Colorado receives an inheritance while married, but later divorces? How is the inheritance treated when it comes to asset division in a divorce?

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