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State Supreme Court rules on added fines for drug charges

In 1996, the General Assembly instituted a "drug offender surcharge," ranging from $300 to $4,500. Other surcharges now exist in Colorado for crimes outside of drug charges, though the ones levied for drug offenders have been explicitly determined to be punishment. Recently, two offenders brought the surcharge laws into question after being hit with them after they were sentenced.According to the constitutions of the United States and the State of Colorado, an individual can only be prosecuted once for the same offense. Under [...]

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Does using cryptocurrency for illicit reasons impact drug charges

Headlines about cryptocurrency being involved in the drug trade used to be fairly common, but now the practice seems to have decreased substantially. As Bitcoin becomes more mainstream in Colorado, the United States and throughout the world, a decreasing percentage of its overall use involves illicit activities. Users are also increasingly skeptical of how anonymous cryptocurrency truly is when it comes to drug charges and police investigations.In the earlier days of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency was a popular choice for a number of illicit transactions. Some of [...]

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Man faces drug charges for growing too many marijuana plants

Since Colorado was one of the first states in the union to allow people to legally grow, possess and use marijuana, there can be mistakes with the minuscule details of the law. This might lead to arrests. It is important for people to understand the legal limits. In many cases, it is a simple misunderstanding, and there are strategies to have the charges reduced or even dismissed. Regardless of the situation, it is essential for those dealing with drug [...]

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Man faces drug charges for hiding heroin on dog in traffic stop

Drug charges can come about in a variety of ways in Colorado. One common circumstance is when the drugs are found during a traffic stop. People who are confronted with allegations of drug possession, drug sales, drug trafficking and more might also be accused of hiding the substances in creative ways. Frequently, law enforcement will find the drugs and make an arrest. While drug crimes are serious, there are avenues that people can use to cobble together an effective [...]

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Devising a defense strategy for drug charges

Being accused of a drug crime is a serious matter, as these criminal allegations can carry harsh penalties. Additionally, just being accused of these crimes can impact one's personal and professional reputation. Thus, it is vital to explore defense options, regardless of one's criminal history. This could help reduce the drug charges or even help clear a person's name. However, clearing one's name means devising a strong defense. Thus, it is important to explore what options one typically has [...]

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Asserting a strong defense against drug charges

Criminal charges can be rather costly. This not only refers to the costs associated with asserting a defense against the charges, but also encompasses the damages the allegations can have on a person's life. Drug crimes can have a lasting effect on the accused's life, which makes it imperative that individuals in Colorado understand their defense options. The accused may feel overwhelmed when facing drug charges; however, it is important to note that no matter the situation or what [...]

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New law in Colorado makes certain drug crimes misdemeanors

Most people in Colorado would agree that certain drugs, like fentanyl, heroin and cocaine are dangerous. For this reason, these drugs are classified as Schedule I or Schedule II drugs, meaning that drug charges involving these substances are more serious than charges for other drugs. However, a new bill has been signed into law that would change the way these substances are treated when it comes to drug crimes. In a move that is expected to save the state [...]

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Colorado Supreme Court issues ruling on drug-sniffing dogs

Under both federal law and Colorado law, a person has rights against unlawful searches and seizures. However, as one recent case shows, what constitutes a lawful search and seizure can be up for debate, especially when it comes to drug crimes.In a 4-3 ruling, the Colorado Supreme Court determined that it is lawful for police to use a drug-sniffing dog to determine if there is marijuana in a vehicle. In general, to perform a search of a vehicle, there must [...]

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Colorado House passes bill reducing penalty for drug possession

Colorado is often seen as a pioneer in drug decriminalization efforts, having been the first state in the nation to legalize the recreational use of small amounts of marijuana. A bill recently passed by both the Colorado House and Senate addresses the penalization of certain drug charges that could have a significant effect on Colorado residents.Under this bill, Schedule I and II drug possession crimes would be penalized as level 1 drug misdemeanors. Currently, these offenses are penalized as level [...]

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When is it legal for Coloradans to grow marijuana?

With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, many residents may want to grow marijuana in their home. However, there are limits on their ability to do so. A violation of homegrown marijuana laws could lead to serious drug charges.Residents of Colorado age 21 and above can grow up to six marijuana plants, although the number of marijuana plants that can be grown in their total household cannot exceed 12 plants. The marijuana must be grown for their own personal use. [...]

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