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State hotline increases neglect and child abuse reports

In 2015, the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) set up a Child Abuse hotline. The hotline, which is monitored 24 hours a day, every day, has seen an estimated 31 percent increase in calls since its launch. According to the department, over a million calls have been made through the hotline reporting neglect or child abuse over the past five years.The department shared that reports taken from the hotline have incited investigations into the well-bring of 274,193 children. Welfare officials cite the phone number as an important tool [...]

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How will Colorado’s Red Flag law impact domestic violence cases?

Recently, Colorado passed a new law known as a Red Flag law. Under this law, a family member or law enforcement officers can petition for an individual to be stripped of their firearms if they are ruled by a judge to be a threat. Here is how this works and how it may impact those involved in future domestic violence cases. For the Red Flag law to be applied to a case, an individual with a particular relationship to the individual [...]

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Colorado Springs man arrested for domestic violence

Married or not, significant others in Colorado often disagree. While this is a common component in any relationship, what isn't common is for these disputes to turn violent. Domestic violence is a serious matter and is treated as such in the U.S. Thus, when an individual is accused of such a crime, it is vital that they explore their rights and determine what steps are necessary to initiate a defense against the allegations. According to recent reports, authorities in [...]

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Helping with your defense against domestic violence

As any Colorado resident can attest, it is not difficult to find someone that disagrees with you on something. Although disagreements are natural, these disputes could turn into heated arguments. This could be a fight in a bar, or it could be an altercation with a loved one in the home. Matters involving domestic violence can be very serious. This is not only due to the potential penalties the accused could face but also the secondary consequences that occur [...]

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What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a serious legal matter that affects too many American families each and every year. Readers of this Colorado legal blog may have experienced it in their own relationships or may know others who have suffered under the weight of domestic violence in their own lives. This post should not stand in as legal advice to any reader, and those who are suffering from domestic violence are encouraged to seek legal assistance as soon as possible.Domestic violence may [...]

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How do protective orders help Coloradans stay safe?

Most people in a romantic relationship argue from time to time. While most couples can peacefully resolve their issues, other times the situation escalates, and domestic violence and neglect occur. When this happens, the victim may need legal protection to stay safe from their abuser. Colorado law recognizes this and has a system in place that allows a victim of domestic violence to seek a protection order from the court.A protection order prohibits a person from contacting, harassing, harming, making [...]

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Victims of domestic abuse in Colorado can seek help

It would be nice to think that couples in a romantic relationship never intentionally hurt one another. However, domestic violence and neglect is a serious issue in Colorado and across the United States. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one in four women will be subjected to domestic violence in their lifetime. And, domestic violence is not limited to women. The CDC reports that one in seven men will be subjected to domestic violence in their [...]

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Divorce can be complex when domestic violence is an issue

Domestic abuse is a sensitive topic. Whether one is the victim of domestic violence and neglect or one is being accused of domestic abuse, it is essential that the truth is uncovered and that any parties that are harmed are put in a safe position. This is especially true if a victim of domestic violence is seeking a divorce. Of course, leaving an abusive relationship is sometimes easier said than done. Victims of abuse in Colorado may fear harm will [...]

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Colorado victims of abuse may fear for their child in a divorce

When a parent in Colorado is the subject of domestic abuse, they may be concerned for the safety not just of themselves but also that of their child. Therefore, seeking a divorce when you are the victim of domestic violence and neglect can be challenging, especially if children are involved. First, while some couples can resolve their divorce legal issues through mediation, depending on the circumstances, mediation may not be the best choice in divorces involving domestic violence. While mediation [...]

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Domestic violence and neglect does not always leave a mark

Not all abusers leave physical marks on their victims. Emotional abuse carries no outward appearance, and even violent acts such as shoving do not always result in a tell-tale bruise or broken bone for all to see. Unfortunately, sometimes an abuser is so charismatic that people are surprised to find out about the acts of domestic violence they have inflicted on the victim. However, it is essential that victims of domestic violence and neglect in Colorado obtain the protective [...]

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