How divorce can differ when children are involved

When it comes to ending a marriage, issues like property division and where to live are common to nearly every case. But, for parents, there are a myriad of other issues to navigate. Colorado parents who are raising children while going through a divorce must consider many things; not only legal and financial issues like custody and child support, but how to behave and support their children through what can be a challenging period for a family. One of the first decisions a parent [...]

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How can a lawyer support someone going through a divorce?

When people start thinking and talking about ending their marriages, one of the first pieces of advice they tend to get is to contact a lawyer. But why is legal counsel such an important part of this largely personal and private matter? The truth is picking the right Colorado family lawyer and getting advice early on can make a significant difference in one's peace of mind and the overall outcome of a divorce. It is not uncommon to turn to Google [...]

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What is the most challenging part of the divorce process?

Ending a marriage is a challenging thing for most people to go through. While the process as a whole is often considered stressful, certain aspects of a divorce may be most difficult for people. Knowing these touch points and preparing for them emotionally, creating financial plans and establishing support systems in advance can be very helpful for Colorado individuals considering a split. Some of the most difficult aspects of divorce happen before actually filing the paperwork. Making the decision to end a [...]

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How to be successful in work while going through a divorce

It's no secret that stressful life situations can often have an impact on professional performance. Divorce can be a particularly challenging thing to go through, and working individuals can find it difficult to manage both the tasks and the stress of a divorce while carrying a full workload. Pulling on the expertise of others, communicating with one's boss and checking in with oneself emotionally can help men and women in Colorado balance this major life change with a full-time job [...]

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Who is entitled to the house in a divorce?

When a married couple splits, the most valuable assets are often at the center of property division. For many Colorado couples, the family home is the most contentious asset in a divorce. Some divorcees may wonder if a house bought during a marriage is considered joint property, even if only once spouse is listed on the mortgage. Joint property can be an emotional and financially significant aspect of a divorce. For example, one party might have put the down payment on a [...]

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Protecting a credit score during divorce

Ending a marriage can have many financial consequences. According to a 2019 survey, 38% of divorcees experienced an over 50 point drop in their credit score following their separation. This can be particularly challenging for those who need access to credit to start their new lives. Luckily, there are some step individuals in Colorado and elsewhere in the United States can take to prevent a damaging hit to their credit score during a divorce.Checking one's credit report early on is a good [...]

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Identify priorities, goals, and concerns when entering divorce

Ending a marriage requires individuals to rethink their plans and goals for the future. While it can be difficult to know exactly what life might look like in the future when going through a divorce, getting clear on goals, concerns, and priorities is extremely helpful when working toward the best possible outcome. Sharing these details with a Colorado family law attorney will help legal counsel to work on an individual's behalf more effectively.While there are some patterns and legal systems in place [...]

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Malicious moves during divorce process can backfire legally

Ending a marriage can be an emotional process, and many people can respond by getting competitive or downright mean. While being fair, firm and thoughtfully aggressive can pay off in a divorce, getting too greedy and trying to take advantage of the other party can backfire. Here are some malicious moves, often done out of anger, that can have negative family law consequences for Colorado divorcees.Since many spouses have intertwined finances, it makes sense that those who try to hurt one another might [...]

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How to let a spouse know that a divorce is on the horizon

When a marriage is no longer working for one or both partners, a conversation about ending the union can be on the horizon. But what is the best way to bring up the idea of divorce to one's partner? Are there steps under Colorado family law that should be taken before starting these conversations? While each couple is different and there are many ways these conversations can go, there are a few best practices to keep in mind.Although there may be a lot [...]

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What are the most common causes of divorce?

Ending a marriage can make people feel like they are very alone, especially if they are surrounded by seemingly happy couples. But, the truth is, divorce is something many people in Colorado go through, and there are some very common reasons a married couple can choose to call it quits. Here are a few of the more common reasons people choose to end their relationships for good.A rocky foundation under a marriage can be a key factor in its eventual [...]

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