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What to know before hiring a criminal defense lawyer

Many people understand the importance of legal representation when facing charges, but are not entirely sure of when they should bring a lawyer into the situation, or who is the best person to call. Issues such as finances and lack of information about options cause hesitation when deciding whether to bring in legal representation. Unfortunately, such hesitation can often hinder criminal defense for accused individuals in Colorado. Asking the right questions and getting important information upfront can help individuals make the [...]

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Legal drugs often involved in incidents, criminal defense

It's no secret that substances and legal issues often collide. Drugs do not have to be illegal to play a role in a criminal matter. In fact, legal substances like alcohol and pharmaceuticals are among the substances most commonly associated with crimes. Understanding how drugs factor into criminal justice in Colorado can impact criminal defense cases. As such, it can help to understand which drugs are most commonly associated with criminal charges. Perhaps unsurprisingly, alcohol is one of the substances most commonly involved [...]

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Court to rule on criminal defense issue involving Miranda rights

Miranda rights protect individuals from incriminating themselves in police interviews and interrogations following an arrest. These rights must be recited to individuals upon arrest to ensure they understand that they do not need to answer any questions. Currently, a criminal defense dispute in Colorado regarding Miranda rights is making its way to the state Supreme Court.The question before the Colorado Supreme Court is this: Can a person who commits a crime, such as lying to the police, during an interview for another [...]

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Tips for finding the right criminal defense attorney

For those who are arrested and charged with a crime, finding an attorney quickly can make a big difference in the outcome of the situation. It is critical to bring in an attorney as quickly as possible in a criminal matter. However, the speed at which a lawyer gets involved is not the only issue in play; hiring the right Colorado criminal defense lawyer can impact the outcome as well.When selecting a criminal defense attorney, the first step after researching potential options [...]

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Will the COVID-19 response impact criminal defense and trials?

In Colorado and across the United States, events are being postponed in the wake of the coronavirus response. But, what does that mean for upcoming court dates in the state? According to Colorado's top judge, almost all jury trials will be moved to April. This change may impact the criminal defense process for individuals in the state.The constitutional right to a speedy trial in criminal cases is a key consideration when choosing to delay court trials. Due to this constitutional right, [...]

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Lawmakers consider many bills related to criminal defense system

For the second year in a row, Colorado lawmakers are discussing multiple bills aimed at criminal justice reform. The bills, if passed, could have significant implications on issues of criminal defense and sentencing in the state. The bills target justice-related issues that are prominent in the state, such as prison population and pretrial standards.Currently, there is a bill awaiting the governer's signature that already makes several changes. One of these is blocking other states from sending inmates to Colorado without the governer's explicit [...]

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Use of force may be justified for self-defense

Self-defense is an important legal concept when a person is facing criminal charges for assault or other alleged wrongful conduct. That is because, under some circumstances, a Colorado resident may be justified in using force against another person, even if that force causes the other party injury or death. While this post offers no legal advice to its readers, it does provide an overview of how and when use of force may be permissible in criminal law situation.At its most [...]

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Utilizing suppression of evidence in criminal defense

Despite Colorado taking a lenient stance on marijuana possession and use, the fact remains that most drugs remain illegal in every respect. That means that individuals who are accused of possessing, manufacturing or distributing drugs, like methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and other narcotics can face the possibility of severe penalties. If convicted on drug charges, an individual may be hit with extensive prison time, financially ruinous fines and irreparable damage to one's reputation. This is why a skilled criminal defense is [...]

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How are points assessed with traffic tickets for speeding?

Colorado law enforcement is vigilant about catching drivers who go beyond the speed limit and will issue traffic tickets. The penalties for speeding and various traffic tickets for moving violations makes it important to determine how to combat the allegations and seek a dismissal. These tickets are difficult enough to deal with as there will be a fine to pay, but a bigger problem could be the accumulation of points on a driver's license. Depending on the number of points [...]

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Speeding tickets can affect driving privileges

When playing sports, accumulating point is a good thing. In most games, the more points that a person has, the better the chances of winning. There is, however, one arena where having points is not necessarily a good thing, and that is on one's driving record.A person's driving record is a history of their driving infractions. Driving infractions can include, but are not limited to, speeding, running red lights, failing to use proper signals, and others. When a person is [...]

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