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April 2020 Archives

How to let a spouse know that a divorce is on the horizon

When a marriage is no longer working for one or both partners, a conversation about ending the union can be on the horizon. But what is the best way to bring up the idea of divorce to one's partner? Are there steps under Colorado family law that should be taken before starting these conversations? While each couple is different and there are many ways these conversations can go, there are a few best practices to keep in mind.

Tips for finding the right criminal defense attorney

For those who are arrested and charged with a crime, finding an attorney quickly can make a big difference in the outcome of the situation. It is critical to bring in an attorney as quickly as possible in a criminal matter. However, the speed at which a lawyer gets involved is not the only issue in play; hiring the right Colorado criminal defense lawyer can impact the outcome as well.

What are the most common causes of divorce?

Ending a marriage can make people feel like they are very alone, especially if they are surrounded by seemingly happy couples. But, the truth is, divorce is something many people in Colorado go through, and there are some very common reasons a married couple can choose to call it quits. Here are a few of the more common reasons people choose to end their relationships for good.

Does using cryptocurrency for illicit reasons impact drug charges

Headlines about cryptocurrency being involved in the drug trade used to be fairly common, but now the practice seems to have decreased substantially. As Bitcoin becomes more mainstream in Colorado, the United States and throughout the world, a decreasing percentage of its overall use involves illicit activities. Users are also increasingly skeptical of how anonymous cryptocurrency truly is when it comes to drug charges and police investigations.

When and how to change child custody arrangements post-divorce

When married couples part ways, arrangements and decisions are made based on the circumstances at the time. However, circumstances can change. From changing needs of children to work schedules to alternative living arrangements, there are plenty of reasons Colorado parents may want to revisit a custody arrangement after their divorce. But when, and how, it is possible to do so?

How are debts divided in a divorce?

There are many things to consider when ending a marriage, especially with regard to finances. While the issue of property division and assets is often discussed when it comes to divorce, the division of debts is just as important a topic. Determining who is responsible for debts is a key consideration for many Colorado couples parting ways.

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