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Will the COVID-19 response impact criminal defense and trials?

In Colorado and across the United States, events are being postponed in the wake of the coronavirus response. But, what does that mean for upcoming court dates in the state? According to Colorado's top judge, almost all jury trials will be moved to April. This change may impact the criminal defense process for individuals in the state.The constitutional right to a speedy trial in criminal cases is a key consideration when choosing to delay court trials. Due to this constitutional right, [...]

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Lawmakers consider many bills related to criminal defense system

For the second year in a row, Colorado lawmakers are discussing multiple bills aimed at criminal justice reform. The bills, if passed, could have significant implications on issues of criminal defense and sentencing in the state. The bills target justice-related issues that are prominent in the state, such as prison population and pretrial standards.Currently, there is a bill awaiting the governer's signature that already makes several changes. One of these is blocking other states from sending inmates to Colorado without the governer's explicit [...]

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How can one make a divorce more amicable?

It's no secret that when a couple parting ways can work things out in a civil, amicable way, ending a marriage can be substantially less stressful and expensive. But how can Colorado couples pursuing a divorce help their breakup become more amicable? While an amicable divorce is certainly dependent on both parties' willingness to get along, there are some ways individuals can create a better environment for a peaceful split.Keeping conversations focused on the future is one way that experts suggest maintaining an [...]

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Managing health and wellness during a divorce

Stress can cause major issues with health, and few things bring more stress than ending a major relationship or marriage. Even in an amicable divorce, but especially in a contentious one, people will experience heightened stress levels on days leading up to meditations, financial planning meetings, custodial handoffs, and any other new and uncomfortable obligation. Here are some ways Colorado residents can manage their health during this stressful time.Divorce can take a lot of time, energy, and mental resources. Those [...]

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