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State hotline increases neglect and child abuse reports

In 2015, the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) set up a Child Abuse hotline. The hotline, which is monitored 24 hours a day, every day, has seen an estimated 31 percent increase in calls since its launch. According to the department, over a million calls have been made through the hotline reporting neglect or child abuse over the past five years.The department shared that reports taken from the hotline have incited investigations into the well-bring of 274,193 children. Welfare officials cite the phone number as an important tool [...]

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How will Colorado’s Red Flag law impact domestic violence cases?

Recently, Colorado passed a new law known as a Red Flag law. Under this law, a family member or law enforcement officers can petition for an individual to be stripped of their firearms if they are ruled by a judge to be a threat. Here is how this works and how it may impact those involved in future domestic violence cases. For the Red Flag law to be applied to a case, an individual with a particular relationship to the individual [...]

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Keeping emotions in check can result in better divorce agreement

It is common for emotions to run high when a marriage is ending. Animosity and hostility are common feelings that accompany Colorado divorces, and it can be difficult to leave those feelings behind when working out the details of property division, child custody and other hot-button issues. However, there are a few very good reasons to avoid confrontational behavior or snide remarks during the course of a divorce.Trying to remain amicable, or at least to act as collaboratively as possible, can [...]

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Increase in need for drunk driving defense may follow crackdown

What do New Years, St. Patrick's Day and Super Bowl weekend have in common? On these dates and several others throughout the year, Colorado police increase their presence on roads throughout the state. The initiative, known as Heat Is On, has led to hundreds of DUI arrests and an increase in the need for drunk driving defense during holidays and special events.According to reports, 348 people were arrested due to Heat Is On activity in the days around New Years. The year [...]

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Primer on parenting time terminology

The traditional structure of legal and physical child custody exists in our state, but parents going through these legal processes may not always hear these terms when they do their research. This post provides a brief review of the terms and concepts that parties may encounter when they litigate and negotiate traditional child custody matters in the state, but no part of this post should be used by readers are legal advice.Here, child custody matters are referred to parental responsibilities. [...]

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