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Use of force may be justified for self-defense

Self-defense is an important legal concept when a person is facing criminal charges for assault or other alleged wrongful conduct. That is because, under some circumstances, a Colorado resident may be justified in using force against another person, even if that force causes the other party injury or death. While this post offers no legal advice to its readers, it does provide an overview of how and when use of force may be permissible in criminal law situation.At its most [...]

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Utilizing suppression of evidence in criminal defense

Despite Colorado taking a lenient stance on marijuana possession and use, the fact remains that most drugs remain illegal in every respect. That means that individuals who are accused of possessing, manufacturing or distributing drugs, like methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and other narcotics can face the possibility of severe penalties. If convicted on drug charges, an individual may be hit with extensive prison time, financially ruinous fines and irreparable damage to one's reputation. This is why a skilled criminal defense is [...]

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What should I know about DUI in Colorado?

Drunk driving charges are serious legal matters and individuals who are charged with DUI and other alcohol-related driving crimes should know that their rights and privileges may be threatened by convictions. This post is offered as a general and informative overview of Colorado's DUI laws. It is not a substitute for individual legal advice and consultation with a DUI attorney. In Colorado, a driver may be stopped if they exhibit signs of intoxication and tested for alcohol in their [...]

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New Year may bring a wave of new divorces

Although December may be a month of making resolutions and planning for the future, for some Colorado residents January may be the month in which they bring about major life changes. That is because throughout the country January, has become known as "divorce month." Americans often wait until after the holidays to end their marriages and begin the process of separating themselves from their partners.For some, January is the right time to file for divorce so that they do not [...]

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