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Digging into the details of Colorado child support

Child support is often a necessary piece of the negotiations that individuals must work through when they choose to end their marriages in divorce. Unlike spousal support, which may be used by a recipient spouse for their own post-divorce needs, child support is money provided by parents for the benefit of their kids. In Colorado, both of a child's parents are expected to contribute to their financial support after divorce.Several factors will guide the decision on how much support should [...]

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Should a separation agreement be part of my divorce case?

There might be a perception that a divorce in Colorado will be acrimonious and the parties will battle over every aspect of it. That is true in some instances, but in others, the parties want to come to a reasonable agreement and move forward as efficiently and smoothly as possible. In cases where it is believed to be possible for the sides to negotiate, a separation agreement could be a viable alternative. Before taking this step, it is important to [...]

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Man faces drug charges for growing too many marijuana plants

Since Colorado was one of the first states in the union to allow people to legally grow, possess and use marijuana, there can be mistakes with the minuscule details of the law. This might lead to arrests. It is important for people to understand the legal limits. In many cases, it is a simple misunderstanding, and there are strategies to have the charges reduced or even dismissed. Regardless of the situation, it is essential for those dealing with drug [...]

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Drivers should be aware of Thanksgiving DUI enforcement

In Colorado and across the United States, people celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in various ways. Some will visit with friends and family, attend parties and take time to relax and have a good time. Part of that might involve drinking alcohol and other legal substances. While there is nothing wrong with that, it does not mean people can get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Some, however, will do that and it can cause accidents with injuries and fatalities. Law [...]

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