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DUI testing issues could help defendants get charges dropped

When Colorado drivers are stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence, one of the main ways in which law enforcement and prosecutors will secure a conviction is through testing procedures to determine their blood-alcohol concentration. While it is never wise to get behind the wheel after drinking, a simple traffic stop, investigation and arrest does not automatically mean that the driver is guilty and should be convicted. One strategy to lodge an effective defense is to call the [...]

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Divorce: How much will maintenance be and how long will it last?

Colorado couples who are getting a divorce will have much to consider during the process. Of course, child custody, child support, asset division and more are integral. Spousal maintenance is also a key part of the case. In many situations, one spouse was the main breadwinner while the other either made less income or was a stay-at-home spouse. There can be a litany of situations that must be navigated as part of the divorce. Understanding the factors that will [...]

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How do extraordinary circumstances affect DUI implied consent?

In Colorado, when law enforcement initiates a stop to investigate a potential driving under the influence case, there is implied consent that the driver must submit to a test to determine their blood-alcohol concentration. That means the driver is obligated to take the test when requested to do so. A blood or breathalyzer test refusal will lead to separate charges. Understanding the law for submitting to these tests is important as part of a DUI defense. There are certain [...]

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Colorado man accused of DUI following fatal pedestrian crash

Being accused of drunk driving can be a very overwhelming experience. However, these allegations do not always stem from an officer pulling over a motorist he or she suspects is under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes motorists in Colorado and elsewhere are faced with these charges following a serious or fatal automobile collision. This circumstance can make the matter graver, as the penalties associated with these charges can be significantly more severe. According to recent reports, a Colorado man [...]

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How is child custody determined in Colorado?

The end of a marriage often means making major decisions. And when the divorcing spouses have children, this means making challenging decisions surrounding their children. Determining a custody arrangement that works for both parents is not always an easy task. The wishes of each parent might be different, the needs of the child might be unique and there could be factors involved that could significantly impact the best interests of the children.How is child custody determined in Colorado? The state [...]

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