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Guiding you through the divorce process

The decision to marry is often one that is well thought out and planned. The same is often true when couples in Colorado and elsewhere decide to divorce. Ending a marriage can be difficult. However, when one or both spouses believe it is best, moving forward with dissolution can be beneficial for them. Nonetheless, the process can get emotional and complex. Thus, it is often imperative to consider how best to move forward with the divorce and what options one [...]

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Colorado Springs man arrested for domestic violence

Married or not, significant others in Colorado often disagree. While this is a common component in any relationship, what isn't common is for these disputes to turn violent. Domestic violence is a serious matter and is treated as such in the U.S. Thus, when an individual is accused of such a crime, it is vital that they explore their rights and determine what steps are necessary to initiate a defense against the allegations. According to recent reports, authorities in [...]

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