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Colorado woman charged with a DUI after pedestrian accident

Getting in a motor vehicle crash is a major event for individuals in Colorado and elsewhere. While most are concerned about the injuries and damages that befall on them following a collision, others may be focused on the potential charges he or she may face because of it. For the most part, car accident occur when a motorist violates a traffic law. And if a driver is accused of driving under the influence of alcohol following a car crash, [...]

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Speeding tickets can affect driving privileges

When playing sports, accumulating point is a good thing. In most games, the more points that a person has, the better the chances of winning. There is, however, one arena where having points is not necessarily a good thing, and that is on one's driving record.A person's driving record is a history of their driving infractions. Driving infractions can include, but are not limited to, speeding, running red lights, failing to use proper signals, and others. When a person is [...]

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Helping with your defense against domestic violence

As any Colorado resident can attest, it is not difficult to find someone that disagrees with you on something. Although disagreements are natural, these disputes could turn into heated arguments. This could be a fight in a bar, or it could be an altercation with a loved one in the home. Matters involving domestic violence can be very serious. This is not only due to the potential penalties the accused could face but also the secondary consequences that occur [...]

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Menacing is a serious Colorado crime

Assault and battery are terms that readers may have heard on the news or read about in the newspaper. These crimes are often alleged when individuals are threatened or subjected to violence by others.However, there is a third crime that covers these actions as well, and this crime is called menacing. To be charged with menacing, a person must threaten to use force or actually use physical force to knowingly cause another person to fear that they will be seriously [...]

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