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What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a serious legal matter that affects too many American families each and every year. Readers of this Colorado legal blog may have experienced it in their own relationships or may know others who have suffered under the weight of domestic violence in their own lives. This post should not stand in as legal advice to any reader, and those who are suffering from domestic violence are encouraged to seek legal assistance as soon as possible.Domestic violence may [...]

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Not all field sobriety tests are properly administered

Field sobriety tests are roadside assessments that Colorado law enforcement officers can use to look for evidence of intoxication in drivers. The tests usually involve three different evaluations that push the limits of drivers' balance, coordination, and focus. If a driver cannot complete the assessments then they may be arrested for drunk driving. The single leg stand and walk and turn assessments test drivers' capacities to hold themselves still or walk in a straight line. Both of these tests [...]

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Should a party ask for spousal support during their divorce?

Although divorce is an emotional event in the life of a Colorado resident, it is also a major legal undertaking and may require significant financial planning in order to successfully execute. That is because the splitting of two married people results in the need for the parties to set up their own homes, provide for their own needs, and manage their own assets. If a party to a divorce is not financially equipped to take on these and other responsibilities, [...]

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New law in Colorado makes certain drug crimes misdemeanors

Most people in Colorado would agree that certain drugs, like fentanyl, heroin and cocaine are dangerous. For this reason, these drugs are classified as Schedule I or Schedule II drugs, meaning that drug charges involving these substances are more serious than charges for other drugs. However, a new bill has been signed into law that would change the way these substances are treated when it comes to drug crimes. In a move that is expected to save the state [...]

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What assets are subject to property division in a divorce?

Some married couples in Colorado believe when it comes to property, "What's yours is mine, and what's mine is yours." However, if a couple decides to divorce, determining who gets what can be challenging and contentious. For the division of assets to be fair, it is important to first understand the difference between marital property and separate property.In general, any assets that either spouse obtains while married are presumed to be marital property. This is true no matter which party's [...]

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Colorado Supreme Court issues ruling on drug-sniffing dogs

Under both federal law and Colorado law, a person has rights against unlawful searches and seizures. However, as one recent case shows, what constitutes a lawful search and seizure can be up for debate, especially when it comes to drug crimes.In a 4-3 ruling, the Colorado Supreme Court determined that it is lawful for police to use a drug-sniffing dog to determine if there is marijuana in a vehicle. In general, to perform a search of a vehicle, there must [...]

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Tips for drafting a solid prenup in Colorado

Couples who are engaged to be wed may be wrapped up in planning their big day. However, they may not have given much thought to what their married life will look like. After all, if spouses are not on the same page about things like finances, it could cause trouble down the road. Some married couples find that their disagreements on important life issues become too great, and they are best off divorcing.There is a way, however, that soon-to-be-wed couples [...]

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When can a person use self-defense in Colorado?

Sometimes, a person finds themselves facing the threat of imminent injury or death at the hands of another person. When this happens, a person may have no choice but to use physical force to fight back. For this reason, Colorado law recognizes that self-defense can be used in certain circumstances.In general, a person in Colorado is justified in using physical force against another individual if they reasonably believe that the other person is threatening to use or is using unlawful [...]

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Student loan debt can be the root of a divorce, study says

Getting a college degree is a dream for many in Colorado, but it comes with a price -- specifically, student loan debt. The student loan debt crisis has made the news recently, as more college graduates find themselves burdened with high student loan payments that prevent them from reaching their financial goals. And, if they are married, disagreements about how to pay back student loans can cause a rift between spouses that they may not be able to overcome.A recent [...]

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Making summer child custody plans post-divorce

School children across Colorado are likely counting down the days to summer break. For children whose parents are divorced, summers can be a bit complicated. This is because the child custody and visitation schedules used during the school year may change during the summer.For example, the noncustodial parent may have a stretch of several weeks during the summer in which they have the child in their care. In addition, parents will have to decide who has custody of the child [...]

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