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We bring experience to the table when it comes to divorce

One issue that is present in most divorces in Colorado is property division, and it can be a contentious one. This is because most people have either a sentimental attachment to many of their marital assets, or the assets may be very valuable and, thus, very sought after. Moreover, in Colorado, there is no guarantee that marital assets will be divided between the spouses equally.This is because, unlike some other states in the nation, Colorado is an equitable distribution state. [...]

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Colorado House passes bill reducing penalty for drug possession

Colorado is often seen as a pioneer in drug decriminalization efforts, having been the first state in the nation to legalize the recreational use of small amounts of marijuana. A bill recently passed by both the Colorado House and Senate addresses the penalization of certain drug charges that could have a significant effect on Colorado residents.Under this bill, Schedule I and II drug possession crimes would be penalized as level 1 drug misdemeanors. Currently, these offenses are penalized as level [...]

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When must an ignition interlock device be used in Colorado?

An ignition interlock device is an instrument installed in a vehicle that measures the amount of alcohol in a person's system through a breath test, not unlike the roadside breath tests a police officer might ask you to submit to. If the ignition interlock device indicates that a motorist has even a nominal amount of alcohol in their system, the vehicle will not start. The instrument also requires motorists to periodically submit a breath sample while driving. If a [...]

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Couples have options when it comes to the family home and divorce

As the old adage goes, "Home is where the heart is." But, when hearts break and divorce is on the horizon, couples have to make some important decisions on how to handle the home in the property division process. It is important that couples in Colorado facing this situation understand what their options are, so they can make informed choices that are in their best interests.One option is that neither party receives the family home. Instead, the family home can [...]

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