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February 2019 Archives

Victims of domestic abuse in Colorado can seek help

It would be nice to think that couples in a romantic relationship never intentionally hurt one another. However, domestic violence and neglect is a serious issue in Colorado and across the United States. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one in four women will be subjected to domestic violence in their lifetime. And, domestic violence is not limited to women. The CDC reports that one in seven men will be subjected to domestic violence in their lifetime. Therefore, it is important that people in Colorado and across the U.S. understand what domestic violence looks like, so they can prevent it or seek help if needed.

Heroin can lead to federal drug charges; what about cough syrup?

While most people in Colorado know that it is illegal to possess dangerous street drugs, they may be surprised to find out that, under certain circumstances, it is illegal to possess seemingly innocuous drugs, like cough syrup. Federal law recognizes that some drugs are extremely detrimental to one's health and welfare. Thus, when it comes to drug charges, it is important to understand how federal law classifies various drugs based on the danger they pose.

How should you approach property division in a divorce?

When a couple in Colorado decides to end their marriage, they may feel like they are on an emotional roller-coaster. Their lives will be changed forever following the divorce, and, while they may be relieved to leave an unhappy marriage, they do not want to walk away from the process short-changed, particularly when it comes to property division. However, there are some ways that couples can make the division of assets easier, leading to a resolution that is satisfactory to all involved.

Bill regarding DUI and marijuana use pulled by sponsor

Marijuana is starting to lose its stigma as a dangerous drug, especially in states like Colorado that have legalized possession and use of small amounts of the drug. However, it is still possible to become high from marijuana, which could make it unsafe for a user to drive. For this reason, officers in the state may still place a motorist under arrest for driving under the influence of marijuana.

Traffic stop in Colorado leads to drug charges against motorist

Sometimes, being pulled over for a traffic infraction can make a person nervous. This may be especially true if the officer asks the motorist if they can search the vehicle. A person may not know whether they should consent to such a search. As one recent example shows, these incidents can lead to serious criminal charges.

What do Colorado courts consider when awarding child support?

Parents are responsible for financially supporting their child, even if they are no longer in a relationship with one another. This means that, following a divorce, the custodial parent provides financial support to the child by having the child in their care, and the noncustodial parent will contribute to the child's financial needs by paying child support.

Fiery car crash leads to criminal charges for Colorado man

Most people in Colorado try to be safe drivers, but accidents still occur. Some accidents are minor, causing a bit of property damage, but no long-lasting effects. However, other accidents can lead to serious injuries and substantial damages. When such serious accidents occur, it could result in a driver being accused of a crime.

What family law issues should a parenting plan address?

When Colorado parents decide to end their relationship with one another, they may want to make sure their child weathers the process as well as possible. Part of this process includes the development of a parenting plan that will address child custody and visitation issues. Parents should keep several points in mind when developing a parenting plan that will serve their child's needs as well as their own.

Just because you have a prenup doesn't mean it's valid

Financial disputes can break up a marriage and can continue well into the divorce proceedings. This can make an already emotional time especially difficult. One way to avoid such an outcome is through executing a prenuptial agreement that addresses property division and spousal support. However, under certain circumstances, a prenup executed before the marriage in Colorado may be unenforceable in the event of a divorce.

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