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January 2019 Archives

Will that 'high' lead to a DUI?

The recreational use of marijuana has been legal in Colorado for several years now, and many people may believe that smoking the occasional joint isn't a cause for concern. However, marijuana can have an intoxicating effect on a person, impairing their ability to think and react quickly. This could affect their ability to drive and could even lead to criminal charges.

Divorce can be complex when domestic violence is an issue

Domestic abuse is a sensitive topic. Whether one is the victim of domestic violence and neglect or one is being accused of domestic abuse, it is essential that the truth is uncovered and that any parties that are harmed are put in a safe position. This is especially true if a victim of domestic violence is seeking a divorce.

Not every prenup holds up in divorce proceedings

Prenuptial agreements may seem unromantic, or even worse, evidence of greed or a lack of commitment to the marriage. However, prenuptial agreements -- called premarital agreements in Colorado -- can be very practical. The fact of the matter is that not every marriage will last forever, and, moreover, executing a prenup can open the door to honest conversations about finances and married life, which can serve a couple well even if they never divorce. However, if not properly executed, a prenup may not hold up in court later on.

2018 'The Heat Is On' campaign saw fewer DUI arrests than 2017

Over the past holiday season, motorists in Colorado may have noticed an increased police presence on the roads. Every year, the Colorado Department of Transportation undertakes what it calls "The Heat Is On" initiative. Throughout the year, 14 separate high-visibility drunk driving enforcement periods are established, for example, there is one on New Year's Eve. The purpose of the initiative is to stop motorists from driving under the influence.

How can paternity be established in Colorado?

Absent neglect or abuse, children in Colorado generally benefit from having a meaningful, supportive relationship with both of their parents, even if their parents are no longer in a relationship with one another. However, if unmarried parents have a child and later split up, paternity needs to be established before the father can pursue parenting time with the child or before the mother can seek child support. In Colorado, there are three ways paternity can be established.

'Gray divorcees' may face different issues than younger couples

It may be surprising to people in Colorado when a friend or relative who has been married for decades announces they are ending their marriage. However, "gray divorces" -- that is, divorces among those age 50 and older -- are becoming more common, and, in fact, the rate of such splits has increased two-fold since 1990. Those going through a gray divorce may face different issues than their younger counterparts.

How are misdemeanor traffic offenses penalized in Colorado?

Being pulled over by the police can be embarrassing, but, more importantly, it can result in significant penalties. A person in Colorado can receive a traffic ticket for various reasons. Certain offenses, such as driving above the posted speed limit in a construction zone, operating a motor vehicle without automobile insurance and careless driving are considered misdemeanors and will be penalized accordingly.

Those growing marijuana in their home can still face drug charges

Marijuana cultivation, subject to limitations, has been permitted in Colorado for several years now. This has been beneficial to many Coloradans, especially those who use the drug medicinally. However, residents can still face drug charges involving marijuana, particularly with regard to the amount of the drug they grow in their own home.

Parallel parenting can be an option following divorce

Some parents in Colorado who are divorced are still able to get along well enough to co-parent. However, to successfully co-parent, parents need to be able to communicate effectively, reach agreements together regarding the child's upbringing and even be able to attend important events together with their child. Ultimately, while co-parenting can be a positive thing, oftentimes parents are simply unable to communicate without fighting, have lingering animosity or anger following their divorce or simply want to have as little contact with one another as possible. In the end, co-parenting is not an option for everyone.

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