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Colorado man charged following woman’s death

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, they will have to make the difficult decision of how they want to treat the disease. Some people in Colorado may choose traditional treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation. However, others might want to explore alternative cancer treatments. If that is the case, should those who administer alternative cancer treatments be held criminally liable if their patient dies?A 61-year-old man is facing criminal charges following the death of a Colorado woman from cancer. [...]

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Financial issues play a major role in some divorces, study says

Spouses may come into a marriage with very different attitudes regarding their finances. For example, one spouse may be a saver, setting money aside for a rainy day, while the other spouse may be a spender. This can cause friction in a marriage that could ultimately lead to divorce.Experian conducted a study in 2017 examining the role a couple's financial situation played in their decision to end their marriage. The study found that nearly 60 percent of respondents reported that [...]

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Identifying drugged drivers in Colorado remains a challenge

Recreational marijuana use is legal in in our state, but too much can still impair one's senses. However, is drugged driving as serious as drunk driving? One study by the U.S. Department of Transportation suggests perhaps not. The results of this study determined that drunk motorists were more apt to speed, weave into other lanes of traffic and in general engage in riskier behavior while behind the wheel compared to motorists who had used marijuana. Per the study, generally [...]

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Colorado victims of abuse may fear for their child in a divorce

When a parent in Colorado is the subject of domestic abuse, they may be concerned for the safety not just of themselves but also that of their child. Therefore, seeking a divorce when you are the victim of domestic violence and neglect can be challenging, especially if children are involved. First, while some couples can resolve their divorce legal issues through mediation, depending on the circumstances, mediation may not be the best choice in divorces involving domestic violence. While mediation [...]

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Facing drug charges can be intimidating, but help is available

While the use of marijuana is legal in Colorado, there are still many other drug crimes a Coloradan can be charged with. For example, the possession of substances such as cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine can result in serious drug charges, as can the trafficking of these drugs. Even possessing drug paraphernalia can lead to drug charges that could result in serious penalties. However, there may be defenses available to people facing drug charges. For example, the search and seizure [...]

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How should couples prepare for executing a prenup?

Some Colorado couples who are engaged to be married may be thinking about more practical matters than simply what color flowers to have at their wedding or whether chicken or beef should be served at their reception. They may have taken steps towards thinking of their future, specifically about the fact that statistically there is a chance their marriage might end in divorce. Therefore, they may have decided to execute a premarital agreement -- also known as a prenuptial agreement.While [...]

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Some Coloradans may prefer a legal separation to a divorce

There are certain reasons why a married couple in Colorado may wish to pursue a legal separation rather than a divorce. For example, they may have financial issues that make a legal separation preferable to a divorce. They may want to formally give themselves time apart before making the final decision whether to end their marriage. Or, they may have religious beliefs that make a legal separation preferable to a divorce. In the end, a legal separation can accomplish many [...]

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