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What to do with the family business in a divorce

Many married business owners in Colorado got their start as a young couple with little more than a great idea and an entrepreneurial spirit. They may have spent years or even decades cultivating their family business into a successful enterprise. However, sometimes the same thing can't be said for their marriage and married business owners will decide to divorce.

A thoughtful, aggressive approach to drug charges

When a person in Colorado is being placed under arrest, they may feel uncertain about what they should say or do. They especially do not want to make a bad situation worse. What they should know is that they have the right to remain silent. The police and prosecutors in a case have their own agenda, and it is important to keep in mind that their goal is a conviction if appropriate. So, it is oftentimes beneficial for a person being placed under arrest to say nothing to police except for asking for legal representation.

What factors will Colorado courts consider when awarding alimony?

Married spouses in Colorado do not always have the same financial resources. For example, one spouse may earn significantly more than the other, or one spouse may have exited the workforce altogether to take care of the family. While these arrangements can work when the couple is married, if the couple divorces this inequity in financial resources can become a problem.

What are some possible penalties for speeding in Colorado?

Many motorists in Colorado have sped from time to time. Sometimes they are simply in a hurry, or they may not be aware of just how fast they are driving. When they are pulled over by police for speeding, some Coloradans may be under the impression that they will be issued a speeding ticket and then will be on their way. However, depending on how fast they were driving, this might not always be the case.

Victims of domestic abuse in Colorado may seek a protection order

Most couples in Colorado will get into arguments sometimes. However, should these arguments turn violent or should abuse be ongoing in a way that threatens a person's safety or the safety of their children, then the victim may need to take legal action to protect themselves.

What are some possible defense strategies to drug charges?

Possession of small amounts of legally-acquired marijuana may not be a crime in Colorado, but those in possession of other illegal drugs will still be harshly penalized. Those convicted on drug charges -- even mere possession -- can expect to face time in jail, fines and other penalties that could affect them for the rest of their lives. Therefore, those accused of possessing illegal drugs will want to explore their potential defense strategies to obtain the best possible resolution to their case. While this post cannot serve as legal advice with regards to any particular person's case, it will go over some possible defenses to drug charges.

There are options when it comes to divorce and a family business

Sometimes a married couple in Colorado with an entrepreneurial spirit and a great idea set out to establish a family business. Over the years, their business may grow and flourish, not only as a source of income but as their most valuable asset. Unfortunately, some couples may find that while their business is a success, their marriage is not, and they are facing a divorce. Therefore, it is important for couples to understand what choices they have when it comes to the family business and divorce.

Can you refuse to submit to a breath test in Colorado?

Seeing red and blue lights flashing in your rear-view mirror is a sight no motorist wants to see. Especially on weekends and holidays, such as this past Labor Day weekend, police will be on the lookout for those they believe are driving under the influence, and motorists may be pulled over or even be stopped at a DUI checkpoint during these times. If a motorist is stopped by police, they may wonder what their rights are, particularly when it comes to drunk driving.

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