Personalized Representation For Parenting Time And Decision Making

During a divorce, parenting time and child support are two of the most personal issues for many people. Our office is known for its personalized work with clients facing problems throughout Douglas County.

We know you need an adviser during this challenging time, particularly when it comes to parenting time and child support. Attorney Lori Crystal sits down with you personally to get to know you and what makes your situation unique. With that knowledge in mind, she can then help you understand where your case stands legally and what steps you can take next.

A Job Done Right Today For Peace Of Mind Tomorrow

There is no such thing as off-the-rack legal advice. Form pleadings and do-it-yourself guides are not equipped to deal with the issues in your case that make your case yours. For that reason, you want to get legal representation that is tailored to your specific circumstances by an experienced professional.

We assist clients with a complete range of parenting time and child support related issues, including, for instance, support calculations, and post-decree litigation, including support modifications.

Our office can provide you with the guidance you need in these matters because our founding attorney, Lori Crystal, holds more than 25 years of experience in the law. She understands how to advise you wisely even in those situations that may seem most unclear to you.

Those situations can include, where necessary, going to trial to protect your rights. In those situations, we characterize our approach as "thoughtfully aggressive." We think you will, too.

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