Preparing You To Succeed In Parenting Evaluations And CFIs

Part of moving forward on the road ahead in a divorce case involves the participation of Certified Forensic Interviewers (CFIs). Here at the Law Office of Lori Crystal, LLC, we regularly work with clients who needs to use parenting evaluations and CFIs to resolve disputes concerning parenting time and decision making.

Personally Tailored Representation And Preparation

Because each case is different, a CFI will interview you, your child, your spouse and any number of other people, including care providers, to determine what kind of parenting time arrangement is in the best interests of your child. Too many parents go into these interviews thinking they will just "tell it like it is." Unfortunately, simply telling the CFI how bad your spouse is or challenging the CFI is simply the sign of a person unprepared for the CFI interview.

Instead of going it alone, come to see us. We will work with you to prepare you for working with the CFI. After all, the CFI will produce a report that goes to the judge. Judges give great weight to those reports. So you want your story to reflect well upon you and your place in your child's life. We can help you do that.

With more than 25 years of experience to her credit, attorney Lori Crystal will help you see which decisions best serve your legal situation. You will be able to count on her for the honest and frank feedback you need to prepare successfully for working with the CFI. We will also help you throughout the process to work well with the CFI and not act against your own best interests or those of your child.

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