Traffic Tickets Are Worth Fighting

Traffic tickets are often considered minor. Many people will often just pay the ticket and avoid the hassle of dealing with lawyers and the courts. But that may not be in your best interest. While some traffic tickets may seem minor, some can be very significant. If you lose your driving privileges, your life will become much more complex in addition to paying the fines and significantly increased insurance costs.

Your ability to attend school, work or deal with many aspects of your daily life can be made impossible. If the traffic offense leads to serious charges, penalties and jail time can follow. Our attorney at the Law Office of Lori Crystal, LLC, has decades of experience in the courts of Douglas County and can help you to minimize the negative consequences of traffic tickets.

Do You Get The Point?

In Colorado, a points system is used to track traffic violations. Each offense costs you a certain number of points. Collect too many points in a period and you lose your license. If you drive for a living and maintain a commercial driver's license (CDL) the loss of your license means the loss of your job and your livelihood. Some tickets may only cost two points, and you may forget you even received a ticket, but a few two-point tickets could place your license at risk. If you had only four points on your record and receive a reckless charge that carries eight points, your license may be gone.

How Fast Were You Going?

It's easy to be ticketed for speeding. Modern vehicles ride smoothly and with the windows closed, it's not difficult to exceed the posted speed limit. In Colorado, any speeding charge 25 miles per hour over the posted limit is not just a speeding ticket, but instead a criminal offense for reckless driving. If this happens, you will be going to court.

We can help, as there are defense strategies available, including:

  • Challenging the validity of the speed measurement
  • Investigating the officer's training
  • Investigating criminal procedure that led to your ticket

Our attorney is familiar with the courts and judges here and knows which defense strategies are most likely to succeed.

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